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After "One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, FLOOR!" incident I woke up the next morning and my dad made me some hangover eggs.  We only had 3 eggs left for 3 people so it was a really little amount of scrambled eggs.  I also had some toast, but we didn't have any butter or peanut butter so I put extra virgin olive oil on it.  I ate half a grapefruit too which was probably the most delicious just because it was juicy and I was so THIRSTY.  tequila hangover!

Also - I ate at the Pier in Daytona Beach twice.  Once with my parents on the first morning at like 6 am and watched the sunrise.  And the second with Jessie on our way from New Smyrna back to Orlando with Dunkin Donuts Coconut Iced Coffee while watching surfers.  

Fisherman's Special Breakfast on a pier over the ocean!  The second time I went I got my eggs poached.  They were delicious!  Where else can you eat eggs while waves crash and break below you?  Sweeet.  Not necessarily hangover eggs, but I thought it was more fitting here than bananapileon.

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