March 10th, 2008



Even Rachel Ray wouldn't approve of these eggs!

After going to the bar with Chelsea and drinking too much wine, I was hungry so I thought some over-easy eggs sounded good.  Well, I couldn't find the butter.  Actually, I don't think I looked because seriously its in the refrigerator on the "butter shelf" and instead used wayyyyy too much olive oil.  E.V.O.O. overload!  They were so greasy and olivey.  I literally had to pour the oil off of them.

I still ate them, mmm mmm. 
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huron towers eggz

We were drinking Popov on a Sunday afternoon with the shades closed so we could pretend it was Saturday night. Matt made some cheesy scrambled eggs and put them on bagels. He was really worried that the eggs were too brown but I still liked it. Eggz on a bagel, mmm.