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After "One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, FLOOR!" incident I woke up the next morning and my dad made me some hangover eggs.  We only had 3 eggs left for 3 people so it was a really little amount of scrambled eggs.  I also had some toast, but we didn't have any butter or peanut butter so I put extra virgin olive oil on it.  I ate half a grapefruit too which was probably the most delicious just because it was juicy and I was so THIRSTY.  tequila hangover!

Also - I ate at the Pier in Daytona Beach twice.  Once with my parents on the first morning at like 6 am and watched the sunrise.  And the second with Jessie on our way from New Smyrna back to Orlando with Dunkin Donuts Coconut Iced Coffee while watching surfers.  

Fisherman's Special Breakfast on a pier over the ocean!  The second time I went I got my eggs poached.  They were delicious!  Where else can you eat eggs while waves crash and break below you?  Sweeet.  Not necessarily hangover eggs, but I thought it was more fitting here than bananapileon.

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Joe made me eggs and toast this morning before I drove from Grand Rapids to Ann Arbor... They were better than Matt's eggs. Last night we were standing in the kitchen drunk on our way outside while his mom told him to make the last two eggs for me and explained how to cook hash browns. Wtf my life??
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Emotional Steel Reserve Hangover Eggs

Woke up feeling OK after a night of Edward 40’s Hands, 3 long islands, and a soco-lime shot.  Progressively felt worse as the day advanced.  Got home, ate a piece of my leftover pizza from Friday Night/Jacob Night.  Still hungry.  Took a shower and then cooked 3 scrambled eggs while wearing my robe with a towel on my head.  I was too sick/tired to make anything else – not even TOAST.  So I just ate a big plate of scrambled eggs and watched Mrs. Doubtfire on ABC family. 
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hangover date eggs

Mixed my beers last night without properly hydrating... never a good idea.

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2 killians

Stayed at Dan's last night.  We woke up and went to to Westside Diner where I got 2 eggs, hashbrowns and wheat toast.  I thought the eggs would help make me feel better but they only made me want to puke.  I mostly drank a LOT of water.

Dan got chocolate milk - lol! cute :)   

Oh, and of course I had rape hair.
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huron towers eggz

We were drinking Popov on a Sunday afternoon with the shades closed so we could pretend it was Saturday night. Matt made some cheesy scrambled eggs and put them on bagels. He was really worried that the eggs were too brown but I still liked it. Eggz on a bagel, mmm.


Even Rachel Ray wouldn't approve of these eggs!

After going to the bar with Chelsea and drinking too much wine, I was hungry so I thought some over-easy eggs sounded good.  Well, I couldn't find the butter.  Actually, I don't think I looked because seriously its in the refrigerator on the "butter shelf" and instead used wayyyyy too much olive oil.  E.V.O.O. overload!  They were so greasy and olivey.  I literally had to pour the oil off of them.

I still ate them, mmm mmm. 
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